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11th Annual Pediatric Bioethics Conference

Presented by Wolfson Children’s Hospital and the FBN, our annual Pediatric Bioethics Conference in Jacksonville enters its second decade with a program devoted to ethical challenges in the care of children and adolescents.


The Florida Bioethics Network is suspending activity on its Facebook page until further notice. The Florida Bioethics Network is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of our members. Recent reports of the release of private personal information from Facebook, and possible misuse of that information, warrant this action. Until assurances from Facebook are in place and verified, the FBN Facebook page will be inactive. Please monitor this page for FBN news and updates.
...Florida Bioethics Network (FBN) is dedicated to the understanding and resolution of ethical and legal problems arising in health care and research...
The Florida Bioethics Network's Guidelines for Ethics Committees is a must-have resource for institutions and individuals with a serious commitment to bioethics.
The Florida Bioethics Network provides a reservoir of resources available to the public. These resources address ethics and the humanities in medical education.

The FBN maintains a speakers bureau able to address a wide variety of topics in bioethics and health law. Interested in a speaker for your institution? Contact Ken Goodman at 305-243-5723 and/or at kgoodman@miami.edu

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